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apparently a teen in brazil died after jerking off 42 times without stopping. so…41 guys…that’s the limit.

You know how in hitchikers guide to the galaxy the answer to the question of life the universe and everything is 42?

I think we found the question.

Who was counting?

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Being a unicorn

They don’t call me a unicorn because I’m beautiful and majestic, they call me a unicorn because i’m horny


"Oh well that’s wet"

"I wonder if it’s wet with this paw?"

"Are you filming me?

"Yep definitely wet with this paw"

"I swear he’s filming me"

"Oh well, so what’s this wet stuff called again?"

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Slam Poetry - Education






1st image: Christians in Egypt forming a barrier to protect Muslims while they pray (2011) 
2nd image: Muslims in Egypt forming a barrier to protect a church from being destroyed (2013) 

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Humanity: You’re doing it right.

THIS  is what Religion is supposed to be, Take your bigotry elsewhere.

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Whenever you see a ghost, or you get that feeling that someone’s watching you, but you can’t quite see it… that is someone using Google Streetview at that exact point.